This Week’s Guest Chef – "The Community Chef" Brian McDermott

Brian McDermott is well considered to be Ireland’s first “Community Chef”.
He has been cooking professionally for 17 years and spent most of his career on the Inishowen Peninsula, where he owned his own award-winning restaurant “Finnegan’s”.
Now, he works in the community with young people and school children, the unemployed, ethnic groups, lone parent groups and low-income households, at a local level, educating people about food. He visits trade shows, festivals, schools and community centres to give demonstrations and advice. Brian has just finished building a purpose built Cookery School & Studio at his home in Inishowen – and he’s open for business!

Meringues with soft summer fruits

“This is a classical summer dessert is always handy as a quick dessert option. You can use any fresh fruit that’s in season for the tastiest last minute dessert! They’re also great for picnics & barbeques as you can put them together on the beach or in the garden!”
200g   Castor Sugar
4          Egg Whites
            Squeeze Lemon Juice
1          Kiwi
16        Raspberries
8          Strawberries
100g   Crème Fraiche
  1. Allow egg whites to be at room temperature. Whisk egg whites with lemon juice and pinch of sugar until stiff. Gradually add in the rest of the sugar. The mix now should be a stiff meringue.
  2. Pipe or spoon out onto tray lined with greaseproof paper. Cook in very low oven of 50° for approx 2 hours.
  3. Wash berries and slice Raspberries in half. ¼ the strawberries. Peel, half and slice the kiwi.
  4. Arrange a little crème fraiche on top of meringue and neatly arrange fruit on top.
A few extra meringue tips from @communitychef :
If you like, try adding some of your favourite chocolate bar through your meringue mix before cooking. Meringues will keep in an airtight container for 2 weeks.
Brian has a new book out called  “Reunite with Food”, see 
You can also Follow him on twitter at @communitychef
Don’t forget to Feed the Fish at the bottom of this post!

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