"Like" Me in Belfast? – Like my Burritos!

Free Burritos at Belfast Mexican Restaurant Boojum this Saturday 9th July !
Boojum, the popular Belfast Mexican restaurant, is offering the hungry people of the city Free Burritos this Saturday, 9th July, as a thank you for their loyal support!
The Free Burrito Day marks the end of a “Facebook Race” to get the highest number of ‘Likes’ between it’s Belfast and Dublin Boojum stores with the northern fan page winning the contest and bagging free grub.
The fresh Mexican Burrito bar began the campaign back in May, to encourage people throughout Ireland to join the Burrito Revolution.  Since then, the competition has been hotter than a jalapeno, with Belfast coming from behind to beat Dublin by over 900 votes therefore securing the prize of tasty tortillas wrapped around fillings such as cheese, chicken, beans, lettuce, salsa and guacamole.   
Owners of Boojum, John and Karen Blisard
Husband and wife team, John and Karen Blisard, opened the first Boojum in December 2007.  After moving from America to Ireland and searching unsuccessfully to find a satisfactory Mexican restaurant, the American husband and Northern Irish wife took the plunge to open their own.  The business soon expanded to Dublin where, to mark the launch of the new store a free burrito day saw over 750 burritos served in just six hours.  
John masterminded the social media campaign and explains, “Using Facebook was a fun way to create awareness of our brand, while also introducing a little friendly competition between Belfast and Dublin.  Social media relates to Boojum’s target market; it’s how they communicate and share information, so it made sense to devise a marketing campaign around it.  Many people in Ireland may not be familiar with burritos, fresh Mexican food or our style of service. By making it free, we get to introduce people to our food that may not normally come in and try it, as well as thanking our regular customers.”

Miss Northern Ireland Finola Guinnane yesterday afternoon
getting in the Mexican spirit for the Great Burrito Giveaway

Free Burrito Day is taking place on 09 July from 12-6pm at Boojum, Chichester Street, Befast only.  For more information visit www.boojummex.com or check out their Facebook fan page.

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